Sell or Consign Coins With Us

For years, people wishing to sell valuable items either placed an ad in the newspaper, tried to offer them in a yard sale or hauled them down to a ‘show’ or resale store.  That changed as the internet matured and folks were able to try Craigslist or Marketplace.  But with those comes a security risk from meeting unknown people, plus scammer emails and the consideration of taking someone’s check.

Consigning items to an established Online Auction – or selling directly to someone who operates ones – eliminates all the hassle and risk of selling items on your own!  And consigning with establishd experts like Seven Seas means that your items will be accurately described and well presented so that they attract customers who pay good market prices.

At Seven Seas, our purpose is to make selling your Estate items easy and beneficial for you you. We help families deal with Coins, Jewelry, Watches, Comics, Artwork, and more, by buying them directly or selling them on consignment through our regular Online Auctions.

Why Sell Through Us?

As estate dealers, we often sit with families to sort through boxes and bags of jewelry & coins. In an old jewelry box from the ’50s, for instance, you might find gold, silver, and even platinum mixed in with other trinkets like fake pearls, glass baubles, rhinestones, cufflinks, coins & tokens, military items, and other medals. In our 12 years in the business we’ve become expert in sorting and identifying valuable items!

We specialize in sorting, assessing & selling Coin Collections.  In fact, that’s one of our passions! Will has his own sizable coin collection, and he brings his experience and expertise to evaluate collections for our clients.  We are happy to purchase whole collections or take them in on Consignment.

Our Online Auction is Awesome.

We run an Online Auction as part of our popular Estate Sales.  We have thousands of registered bidders who flock to our sales looking for Coins, Jewelry, Watches, Comics & Other Collectibles.  And since it’s all Online, our Consignors can observe the process; it’s completely transparent.  We get great prices for our consignors and they feel confident in how the items are represented and in how they get paid.  You can check out our Online Auction at www.BidSevenSeasEstateSales.com.  New Auctions go up at least every 2 weeks.

We Do Free Consultations.

If you think you might like to consign some items for sale, we’d be happy to meet with you, in person or on Zoom.  We’ll evaluate what you have and advise you on the best way to sell it.  If we think our Auction is best then we’ll lay out the terms for you to decide, with no pressure.  We’re able to sell and pay on most consignments in 30-45 days.

If you’d like help assessing what you have collected or inherited, please give us a call or fill out the contact form on the home page to set up a consult.

Jeanne, Will and the Seven Seas Crew.
865 765 3514 or 3515